At Lake City Wellness we provide massage therapy services for the following:

Pregnancy Massage

(Pre and Post Natal)

Massage Therapy can be beneficial through all stages of pregnancy.  Massage therapy can help with stress and muscle pain/tension that an expecting mother may experience.  Our massage therapists provide customized treatments throughout the weeks of pregnancy and following birth.  We have specific pregnancy pillows that allow expecting moms to lay prone (face down) during the massage therapy treatment throughout their pregnancy.  We assess and treat every patient individually to ensure they are getting safe and effective treatments.  

Stress Management

Our daily lives have many stressors that can lead to adverse symptoms in our bodies.  Tension in our muscles, lack of sleep, irritablilty, headaches can all be products of stress.  We customize your treatment to your specific needs, whether it is relaxation massage to help you manage your stress and emotional needs or more specific manual treatments to help relieve pain and headaches.

Acute/ Chronic Injuries

We provide massage therapy for acute injuries that may be from playing sports or from our many day to day adventures.  Chronic injuries and ailments can also benefit from massage therapy treatments, our massage therapists provide manual therapy followed by patient education and customized home care to help you work towards your wellness. 

Post Motor Vehicle Accident

Massage therapy can assist you with recovering from your motor vehicle accident.  We provide custom therapy for whiplash, broken bones, and soft tissue damage.  Our therapists will assess you and formulate a treatment plan to assist you in your recovery and provide you with home care that allows you to participate in your recovery at home.

Sports Injuries and Injury Prevention

Registered Massage Therapists have education in sports injuries such as sprains, strains, shin splints, and more.  We have knowledge of a variety of techniques, hydrotherapy and homecare that can assist in preventing injuries and with post injury rehab.  

Registered Massage Therapy

Learn about additional conditions that RMT's can provide effective treatment for here.

Craniosacral Therapy

Offered by Mercedes Giddens-Costa, RMT at Lake City Wellness. For information about craniosacral therapy check out the Upledger Institute.